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Maxtop APCUSB-GM300 FTDI USB Programming Cable for Motorola GM300 M10 M100 M120 CDM1250 CDM1550 CDM1550LS Sportbase


  • $17.50

Related Parts#: RPC-MM-UF
  • Motorola CDM1250, CDM1550, CDM1550LS, CDM1550LS+, CDM750, CM140, CM160, CM200, CM300, CM340, CM360, Desktrac, EM200, EM400, GM1280, GM140, GM160, GM300, GM3188, GM338, GM340, GM340, GM360, GM3688, GM380, GM640, GM660, GR1225, GR300, GR400, GR500, GTX Mobile, LCS2000, M10, M100, M120, M1225, M1225LS, M130, M200, M208, M216, M400, Maratrac, Maxtrac, MCX760, MCX780, PM400, PRO3100, PRO5100, PRO7100, R1225, Radius Mobile, SM120, SM50, and Sportbase. Will not program mobile radios with remote head accessory installed
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