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Maxtop PARENT-AHDH1000-Y3 Single Muff Headset


  • $20.00

  • Professional style headset with boom microphone
  • High quality PTT button and VOX functions
  • Features rugged headset with an adjustable band
  • Vertex EVX eVerge Series: EVX-261, EVX-531 EVX-534 EVX-539
  • Vertex VX-130 Series: VX-131 VX-132
  • Vertex VX-160/180 Series: VX-160, VX-160U, VX-160V, VX-180, VX-180U, VX-180V
  • Vertex VX-230/260/350 Series: VX-230, VX-231, VX-261 VX-264, VX-351, VX-354
  • Vertex VX-410/420 Series: VX-410, VX-414, VX-417, VX-420, VX-420 A, VX-424, VX-424A, VX-427, VX-427A
  • Vertex VX-450 Series: VX-451 VX-454 VX-456 VX-459
  • Vertex VX-210, VX-210 A, VX-241 PMR446, VX-10 VX-14 VX-17VX-150 VX-151 VX-300 VX-400, VX-520UD

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