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ArrowMax AK1R0016-120-V3 KSC-16 Rapid Charger for Kenwood KNB-14 KNB-15 KNB-16 TK-260 TK-270 TK-360


  • $29.00

OEM Charger: KSC-16, KSC-20
This charger charges OEM Batteries: KNB-14, KNB-14A, KNB-15, KNB-15A, KNB-15H, KNB-16, KNB-16A, KNB-17, KNB-17A, KNB-21, KNB-21N, KNB-22, KNB-22N
We also sell the replacement battery for this charger (Battery Part#: AKCM0015-1600-D and AKCM0017-1800-D)

Compatible Radio Model

  • Kenwood TK-260, TK-260G, TK-270, TK-270G, TK-272, TK-272G, TK-278, TK-278G, TK-360, TK-370, TK-370G, TK-372, TK-372G, TK-373, TK-378, TK-378G, TK-388, TK-388G, TK-2100, TK-2102, TK-2107, TK-3100, TK-3101, TK-3102, TK-3107
  • Kenwood TK-190, TK-280, TK-380, TK-290, TK-390, TK-480, TK-481, TK-5400

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