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Maxtop ASK2425-Y6 1-Wire Clear Coil Surveillance Kit for Vertex Standard Yaesu Radio VX-821 VX-829 VX-879 VX-921


  • $19.69


  • This 1-Wire acoustic ear tube surveillance kit provides clear voice transmission and excellent focused sound quality. It has the active voice Vox function with comfortable transparent acoustic tube. It is a unique product that fits for retail marketplaces, restaurants and security companies.


  • Enhance Communication: Wire Earphone kits with Vox Function. Convenient design for transmitting.
  • Cozy Material: Soft, skin-friendly and transparent acoustic tube that fits right outside earlobe.
  • User-Friendly Design: Quick disconnect earphone adapter. Users can replace any components easily.
  • Durable Cable: Flexible, high grade Kevlar cable for demanding applications
  • Worry Free Guarantee: One Year Warranty
  • Vertex: VXD-720
  • Vertex VX-820/870 Series: VX-821, VX-824, VX-829, VX-871, VX-874, VX-879
  • Vertex VX-P820/P870 P25 Series:VX-P821, VX-P824, VX-P829, VX-P871, VX-P874, VX-P879
  • Vertex VX-920/970 Series: VX-921, VX-924, VX-929, VX-971, VX-974, VX-979
  • Vertex VX-P920/P970 P25 Series: VX-P921, VX-P924, VX-P929, VX-P971, VX-P974, VX-P979

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